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Join the Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter Network and open new possibilities for your organization! The Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter Network is professional organizations operating under one philosophy across the United States to help horses regardless of their condition or adoptability. Organizations within this network have been privately mentored and one the only way to join this net work is to receive extensive mentoring by the FCOL Network.


The Philosophy

A Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter helps horses in every stage of life regardless of their age, behavior, training, or medical problems. Having compassion for all horses, no matter what stage of life they are in, is extremely important. We help all horses in need - no matter what stage of life they are in. Now we are inspiring other organizations to do the same. Most horse rescue organizations focus on a particular stage of a horse's life, the most adoptable stage. That philosophy leaves many horses with no place to go and no help or resources for them: simply because they are in the wrong stage of life.

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Apply now ​to be considered for the FCOL mentoring and grant opportunities of 2025
Apply Now!

Open now until March 15th 2025 at 11:30 pm CST.

We host a comprehensive mentoring workshop annually. 
The application period for 2024 is now closed, but interested applicants can apply now for the spring of 2025.

Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter Pilot Process

Applicants may be featured in the reality TV show Horse Rescue Heroes.

1: Grant Application | Submit a grant application and describe how you would use the $15,000 grant. We will be looking for an organization who will be able to utilize the funds to become set up to rescue and shelter horses in all stages of life. The grant funds should not be used for day-to-day operations, but rather in a tangible way towards helping the organization long-term, such as a larger horse trailer, new barn, etc. Projected grant projects should not exceed a $15,000 grant. Only 1 organization will win the $15,000 grant.

2: Grant Deadline - March 15th | After the grant deadline, all applications will be reviewed and considered by our grant committee.

3: Approval for Mentoring May/June 2024 (dates to be announced) | Organizations (two people per organization) will be chosen to attend 3 days of intensive mentoring with Jason and Tawnee Preisner of Horse Plus Humane Society, along with other horse rescue professionals. In the horse rescue community, networking and working with others can be difficult, this is a great opportunity to put opinions and differences aside and work together for the good of horse welfare within the United States and beyond. The mentoring will be free, but organizations are responsible for travel and lodging.

4: Mentoring | Topics being discussed will be operating a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter, fundraising, sheltering procedures, medical care within a sheltering environment, operating within your organizations financial budget and so much more. Days one and two will be in a classroom setting and on the third day there will be a tour of Horse Plus Humane Society's facility and final question and answer time. During the three days of intensive mentoring, organizations will be considered for the $15,000 grant. Only one organization will receive the $15,000 grant, but the organization must be present for all three days of the mentoring in order to be considered as a potential candidate for the $15,000 grant.

5: Testing the Philosophy | All organizations who attend the mentoring are encouraged to pilot a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter at their facility with the tools they will have learned from the intensive mentoring. Mentors will be available to help with these organizations during a 3 month testing time, to see if a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter works well for their organization, and their demographics. There may be multiple organizations chosen to be considered for the grant, these organizations may receive a visit from Jason & Tawnee, plus the media team during the visit, the focus will be capturing the work that the organization does and how the organization is doing testing out a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter at their facility.

6: Horse Plus Boot Camp September/October 2024 (dates to be announced) | After observing the organizations who attended the mentoring, and testing out the ​Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter philosophy, up to three organizations will be chosen to come to Horse Plus Humane Society's facility in Hohenwald, TN for Horse Plus Boot Camp. During Bootcamp there will be more intensive mentoring on fundraising and donor follow up, ways to massively increase adoptions, along with assisting with a large-scale rescue mission and intake of a large number of horses. Travel and lodging will be provided for 2 people from the piloting organizations. If other organization team members would like to come they are responsible for their own travel and lodging. At the end of Boot Camp, one organization will be presented with a big $15,000 check!

7: Follow up visit | The winning organization could receive a follow up visit with ​Jason and Tawnee Preisner of Horse Plus Humane Society. The purpose of the visit is to check in to see how piloting a ​Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter is going, and see the project the $15,000 grant was used for.

8: Independence | In no way do we want your organization to lose its identity while participating and piloting a Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter. A Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter is a philosophy that means you are there for horses at every stage of their life. It is not a partnership with Horse Plus Humane Society or a branch shelter of our organization. We will share with you what works for us and mentor you and your unique needs in your community.

9: Becoming a Mentor | Becoming a mentor is an important part of the future of the Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter Network. You may be asked to be a speaker at one of our events or help mentor a horse rescue organization in the future.

Subject to Change Without Notification

The Full Circle of Life Horse Shelter Network is a division of Horse Plus Humane Society.